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Nice Trip Tours Simply The Best... Nice Trip Tours has a long standing tradition of operating quality, value- packed tours to Egypt. Our reputation as one of the largest Tour Operator in Egypt enables us to offer exceptional tours at incredible prices. Egypt, monuments of indescribable mystery and grandeur; architectural achievements that defy reason; a whole civilization geared to creating megastructures; enormous monuments that have a definite harmony and serenity in their landscape and beauty in their details. If you ever dreamed of visiting Egypt, this is the year to make that dream come true. Nice trip introduces Deluxe packages that are Luxury Bargains. Tours of 8 , 9 ,10 & 15 days from all the world wide visiting Cairo , Aswan , Luxor , Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh along with 5 - star Nile Cruises on the only ships that offer deluxe services to every passenger... Come with Nice Trip Tours to Egypt this year and visit one of man's most awe-inspiring civilizations dating back to 5000 B.C. Drive along the vast expanses of the burning Sahara desert, visit the Pyramids at Giza , the monuments in Luxor , the granite statues in Aswan and ponder the mystery of the enigmatic Sphinx at Giza . The entire staff of Nice Trip Tours is ready to serve you and invites you to join us and experience the utmost in cordiality and hospitality.