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Description and Services

The Travel & Tour operating arm of the Sakkara Group has been recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism among the top producing Egyptian tour operators. Only 12% of the existing Egyptian companies are included annually in that category.

Sakkara Tours success was not an overnight stroke of good luck; the characteristics of services is its "intangibility"; services cannot be touched, tasted, seen, heard, sampled or judged before use, hence reputation plays a key role; consistently good, reliable and improved services, as well as grater innovation, are essential to ultimately attain prominence in both national and international tourism communities.

S.T. Experience :

Our experience is varied and encompasses:

  • Individual deluxe travelers

  • Incentive and VIP groups with tailor-made spectacular events

  • Medical seminars and study tours, the mass movements of weekly charter programs.

S.T. Services :

  • Nile Cruise Sales & Reservations:

    In addition to owning the Sonesta Goddesses, S.T. operates different categories and sizes Nile boats. Criss-crossing the Nile on 3 ,4 & 6 nights cruises between Luxor & Aswan, they will offer super long 14 nights cruises between Cairo & Aswan during the summer months.

    2-Hotel Reservations:

    A substantial annual allotment of hotel rooms of different categories confirms to clients their specific budget requests.