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Welcome to the land of ancient civilization & of a promising holiday. Solara Travel invites you to one of the most enjoyable trips of your life. A trip stimulating to the mind & pleasing to the hear, you will enjoy a trip to Egypt at little expense. It is so easy to come to Egypt or transit it, as a get way of the world, Egypt of the world, Egypt is a vital junction for the international air & sea traffic. Warmth & hospitality are traditional here, whether one is retracing the steps of the pharaohs, explorers or archeology sits.

combined with treasures of the past is the luxury of today whether you're visiting the temples, tombs or museums of Egypt. Here we are able to provide you with the quality of service & excellent rates which never go out of style as we believe you to be our honored guest & not just and other client, You will enjoy the wonders of foreign places without felling far from home because our friendly staff of SOLARA TRAVEL share you high ideals of professionalism & courtesy.

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Whilst one could argue that there are other countries that have a history as illustrious & influential as Egypt's there are few if any that can boast such a spectacular display of monuments & treasures to validate such a claim. Sighs like the Great Pyramids at Giza, the temples of Abu Simbel, the exquisitely painted tombs in the valley of the kings combined with the mighty River Nile, the coral gardens of the Red Sea & as enviable climate to make Egypt a truly special holiday destination.

Different ways to the imaginative traveler stands out among tour operators for offering refreshingly experience this country. Our range for holidays is wider than ever before.

The success of our Egypt holidays is largely due to our resident team of experts, our own managers, tour leaders, administrators, guides, sailors & cooks ensure that imaginative travelers receive very special treatment.

We do not know of any other operator that can match this.