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Welcome to Egypt.

Let me introduce you to the world of Starco and tell you the Story of Success. Starco Was established in Cairo 1975, tour operation has been its Main Activity Since then. Starco Now operates from 20 Branches Selectively Located in the Heart of the most Important tourist Places. Four sister Companies were established to support our Company and Enable us to be More understanding and Fulfilling the requirements of Various Holiday Tastes, these Four Companies Comprise Starco Group.

Starco Travel: one of the major tour operators in Egypt and the only Private Sector Company Supported by Such number of Branches, So, wherever you go you are taken care of by A starco Staff. Starco hotels: Owns and operates the Gresham House hotel in Cairo, Barracuda hotel in Nuweiba and the dolphin City (dolphin Resort, Royal Riviera and the Safari beach ) in Nuweiba South Sinai and Evergreen Restaurants in Cairo Starco Trade: is Working as Sales General agent of Mercedes Benz Lran and General Sales agent of Sanos coaches.

Starco Avlation : is one of the best handling agents in Egypt, Thanks to its best qualified and trained Staff Serving the Registered Airline Freight Services. Marwanco tours: operates in the Field of tourism along Side with being General Sales agent of Saudia and Algeria Airlines in upper Egypt. with our Modern Advanced and integrated Services Along with our Qualified Staff and competitive rates, We will Enable your Company to start and/or continue Promoting Egypt as one of the most Popular Resorts in the Middle East, Starco is the best start and Always A better Continuation. I take this opportunity to Thank you for Having Confidence in us and looking forward to A fruitful Cooperation in the Future.

Yours Sincerely

Nabil Abdel latif Chairman


Starco hotels is the sister Company to Starco Travel. We own the Gresham hotel, Cairo- Barracuda hotel, Muweiba- dolphin City, Nuweiba- Evergreen Restaurants, Cairo. A further two hotels will be established in the dolphin City area, the Royal Riviera and Safari beach Club which will Join the Starco Group of Luxury hotels. Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are our Potential Expansion.

Transportation is very Important Element for tourism specially in Egypt. From our Experience, We Know that it is very Difficult Especially in High Season to Cover all your requirements from buses with Good Quality. So We own More Than 30 Mercedes Coaches with Capacity from 14 to 52 Seats to Cover Programs all over Egypt. As We are Leaders in Sinai We also own 4 Wd Jeeps ( Toyotas ) for Safari Programs which We are specialists, We are the only Company who own Mobile home (caravans), where you fly and drive on Arrival in Egypt.