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Egypt, the mystic land of the Pharaohs. A land unequaled for its majestic monuments and authentic treasures of diversified Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic Christian and Islamic blend of cultures.

Modern Egypt with its variety of settings, Mediterranean beaches, Red-Sea fascinating underwater life, mountains and deserts, memorable landscapes alongside the river Nile, bestowed with natures gift of a mild climate, provides a choice of holiday resorts for everyone from all over the world.

Tomas Cook was the first to arrive with a tourist group in Egypt to attend one of the most glamorous ceremonies of the nineteenth century, the opening of the Suez Canal. Fascinated by the country, Thomas Cook was inspired to create the Nile Cruises, a floating dream for his guests, a miniature Grand Hotel.

Thomas Cook was also the first travel agent to introduce the hotel reservation system and the use of hotel accommodation coupons which are bought in advance and used instead of cash.

For over one hundred and twenty years in Egypt, Thomas Cook has maintained its unparalleled reputation for quality, integrity, value and dependability.

Today, Thomas Cook has the largest network of offices within Egypt. Whatever area you choose for your holiday, we guarantee that you will experience the best Egypt has to offer. Our wide ranges of services are backed by the most experienced in travel. Thomas Cook has been in Egypt since 1869.