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Welcome to our site and welcome to Egypt, a country were everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. As the Egypt specialists with over 20 years experience in the country, Travellers with Egypt are able to offer the widest range of holidays at the lowest possible prices. Our quality and standards are of the highest and our main aim is to ensure that our holidays are simply the best.

Choose form a very special selection of cruise holidays, sightseeing holidays, beach holidays, water sports holidays, diving holidays and of course, our famous biblical tour.

Why not take some time to look through the page and discover the magic of a holiday in Egypt old or young, single or family group, Egypt is a land of fun, excitement and discovery for all.

Whatever your needs, Travellers Egypt offers the best service and assistance when in this wonderful country. We have a superbly trained staff throughout the country, including qualified guides, as well as our own hotels, luxury air conditioned coaches, cruise boats and resorts. Travellers Egypt is truly the best choice for Egypt.