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Tour Egypt wishes you a warm welcome to the Country of Egypt, and to Misr. Please take a moment to meet the President of this Egypt and read the introduction by the Egyptian Minister of Tourism. We have a vast Egyptian resource online, but we will be constantly adding many new Egyptian resources to this site, so keep an eye on our "What's New" section and subscribe to our Tour Egypt monthly newsletter In fact please bookmark Tour Egypt.

Come back soon, and remember that you are always welcome to visit this grandest of all lands.

About Egypt
A brief invitation to visit the grand Republic of Egypt

What's New on Tour Egypt
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The Egyptian Bulletin Board System (BBS)
Our BBS system allows messaging and real time chat on a number of different subjects.

The Tour Egypt Travel Guide

Bulletins from the Ministry of Tourism, Egypt
The Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Travel Authority provide timely information and bulletins.

Destinations in Egypt
We have cataloged all the major Egyptian vacation hot spots, and even some lesser known get-a-ways.

Travel Tips and Ideas for Egyptian Tourists
Tour Egypt presents a comprehensive Travel Guide on Egypt, covering many subjects to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

Data on Travel Resources in Egypt
Find out about the Egyptian hotels, airlines, travel agencies and much more.

The Red Sea Virtual Diving Center
Tour Egypt supplies vital and comprehensive information on dive sites, shipwrecks, scuba travel and much more.

The Pharaonic Village
A wonderful starting point to historic tours, providing a living history of ancient Egypt.

Special Editions

Egyptian Antiquities
We have cataloged many of the most interesting Egyptian Antiquities, both inside and outside Egypt.

Egypt Today
Tour Egypt presents the complete On-Line edition of this highly respected independent Egyptian Print magazine which covers lifestyles and leisure in Egypt.

Business Today
Business Today is Egypt's foremost, independent business magazine, and Tour Egypt presents their On-line edition as an absolute must for those interested in doing business in Egypt.

Wild Egypt
Take an on-line safari and discover Egypt's wild kingdom. Tour Egypt presents the animals of Egypt.

Egypt Recipes (Java)
Check out Tour Egypt's interactive Recipe book. Enter the number of servings you wish to get the proper recipe.

Special Interest Sections

The Minister's Guest: A Fine Contest A very special travel contest provided by Tour Egypt. Also, our Color Me Egypt: Just for Kids has a scaled down history of Egypt for the younger set, as well as a downloadable coloring book/contest for kids.

The Egyptian InfoCenter
We provide links to other relevant Internet sites, and also pick our Minister's Choice Hot Site.

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