Egypt: Hosny Mubarak Concept of Tourism

"I admit what has already been fulfilled represents but a beginning of a major tourist boom in Egypt. We have to pursue all channels and firmly set out goals to be fully successful."

"Egyptians are hospitable and regard tourists as their guests; they welcome them with warmth and spontaneity. Reports about Egyptian antiquities and the development of new tourism destinations on the Red Sea and in Sinai, describe them as comparable with the best in the world."

"Egypts unique history, which is a combination of the creative impulses of the character of the Pharaonic, Graeco-Roman and Islamic civilizations, is intermingled within a framework of tolerance, peace and humanity. Hospitality is a national characteristic and Egyptians have a tendency to treat other nations with true love, mixed easily with different cultures. I cannot imagine the flourishing of tourism except within a framework of peace, stability and tolerance."

"The boom today being witnessed by the tourist industry could never have been achieved without stability; and stability is the responsibility of us all, not of one person, or the other but everyone. We have to foster that stability in order to encourage investment and tourism."

"The national characteristics of our people is an important element in making Egypt a unique tourist destination, where the visitor feels warmth and security."

"Tourism and peace are intertwined. The former cannot flourish without the latter. Moreover, tourism fosters understanding and peace, which support one another and enable continuity. It also broadens opportunities for cultural exchange and encompasses nations from all parts of the World."

Mohammed Hosni Mubarak

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