Egypt: More About Sending Mass Emails to Tour and Travel Companies from Tour Egypt

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Sending Email Travel and Tour Requests to Multiple Tour and Travel Companies

will send your email travel or tour request to many reputable Egyptian travel and tour companies, so that you may compare pricing and get the best possible rates. Currently, we have never received any complaints about any of these companies from travelers. However, in the event that we do, the tour or travel company must either rectify such complaint, or they will be removed from this email list. We require a high standard of all companies who will be quoting on your travel arrangements. Please note that you will not get swamped with email by sending this request, but will receive a reasonable number of quotes for your travel plans.

You may request general tour or travel information or brochures for future travel plans. However, particularly if you are requesting information on a specific tour, you will get a better and faster quote if you include the following information:

  • Specific dates, or at least a general time frame for when you wish to travel to Egypt.

  • The number and if children, the age of people in your party.

  • Length of time you wish to spend in Egypt.

  • A general idea of the class of travel, i.e. luxury, midrange, or budget.

  • The type of tour you wish to take. For example, classical tour (pharaonic sightseeing), desert treks, Red Sea beach vacations, Holy tours, etc, or some idea of what you wish to see and where you wish to go.

Some travelers request only hotel reservations. In this case, please indicate:

  • The city where you wish to stay.

  • The number of people in your party

  • The budget range you wish to spend.

  • The dates you wish to reserve.

Please be aware that prices may very for different times of the year. For example around new years, traffic to Egypt is heavy and prices are generally higher then other times of the year.