Pyramid of Unas

The Pyramid of Unas (Unis)

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Unas (Unis)(c. 2356 - 2323 BC) was the last king of the Fifth Dynasty. The pyramid dedicated to this king lies to the south of the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. The Pyramid of Unas (Unis) is in poor condition however, the burial chambers are worth the visit. In this chamber, you will find the earliest Egyptian funerary texts carved into the walls and filled with a blue pigment. These are referred to as the Pyramid Texts. They are the rituals and hymns that were said during the burial. Before this time, nothing was engraved in the walls of the pyramids.

The pyramid, when it was complete stood about 62 ft (18.5 m). The core of the pyramid was loose blocks and rubble and the casing was of limestone. Today it looks like a pile of dirt and rubble, especially from the east side. Although the outside of the pyramid is in ruin, the inside is still sound. You may enter the pyramid from the north side. Trying to block the way, are three huge slabs of granite. Once inside the chamber, you will find the Pyramid Texts that were intended to help the pharaoh's soul in the afterworld. They were to help the soul find Re, the sun god.

See our Feature Article on the Pyramid of Unas

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