The Pharaonic Village - Artifacts

The Pharaonic Village: Artifacts

Artifacts and Museum Exhibits

The Pharaonic Village is more than just a museum, it is a facility for research and discovery. As such, the efforts of its staff are now available to museums, schools, and organizations all over the world.

A Few of the Egyptian Ship Replicas in our Boats Exhibit

(Top to Bottom: ritual boat, obelisk transporter, sailboat, Khufu's funerary barge, sailboat) We now have a number of museum-quality exhibits available to your institution or organization: Ancient Egyptian Boats, The Mummification Process, two King Tut exhibits (large and small), and the Construction of the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

The Boy King Comes Alive in Our King Tut Exhibit

Artifacts from the Smaller Version of the King Tut Exhibit

Each exhibit has been crafted to the most exacting standards. Our artifact replicas are made using the same materials and techniques as the originals, while our dioramas and models incorporate as much detail as possible, reflecting the most up-to-date knowledge about the methods of the ancient Egyptians. All pieces are large and vibrant, and details can be seen even from quite far away.

The Incredible Detail of the Pyramids and Sphinx Exhibit

The Mummification Process Exhibit For more information on how these exhibits can be a part of your program, contact us today:

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