Wild Egypt - Red Sea Diving - 3

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Fish! Fish! And more fish! There are hundreds of species of fish in the Red Sea known, and probably many more that have yet to be found. The sea is always full of surprises, and the Red Sea is no different. Here are some pictures of the many different types of fish that can be found in the Red Sea.


The normally flat Puffer can inflate itself into a spiny ball when in danger


Another fish that knows how to protect itself is the Puffer fish. When it is threatened, it quickly inflates its body into a large spiked ball, too large and too spiny for predators to swallow.


Brightly-colored Bannerfish dance amongst the coral reef


Bannerfish too, are very popular for aquariums. They often travel in large schools.

Many forms of life in the Red Sea are quite dangerous, but it's for their own protection. The Lion Fish is one of them. It easily qualifies as one of the most beautiful fish to be found in the Red Sea, but its beauty comes with a price. The long spines on its back and sides are very poisonous, and other fish (as well as smart humans) give it a wide berth




Beautiful but deadly, the poisonous Lion Fish swims unmolested



These are Masked Butterfly Fish, a very common species in these waters. Butterfly Fish are also very popular in salt-water aquariums. Their bright yellow coloring contrasts with the blue "mask" on their eyes.



A young Angelfish only just beginning to get its color


Believe it or not, this drab fish will one day be a beautiful gold and black Angelfish. They are born a dull blue-grey to protect them from predators, but as they get older, the yellow starts coming out until when they are full-grown adults, they have adopted the brilliant markings they are noted for.



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