Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 05/30/2006

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1Literally, a city of the dead (10)
7A building in the form of a long colonnaded hall (8)
9God of the Spoken Word (2)
10Strong man of Egyptology (7)
11Centipede God (4)
12An aspect of the sun god Ra (3)
14A religious hostel for Sufi, where the shaykh may reside and instruct his disciples (7)
16 Modern residential island (7)
19A spirit that inhabits the body during life and may leave it in death, but requires the continued existence of the body for its survival (2)
21Markets that are set up in the open air, or small shops or vendors that are along a specific street (4)
22The Perceptive Mind (3)
24A religious leader in a community (4)
25 Macadonian dynasty (9)
28God of Fertility (3)
30Roofed colonnade, often running around the outside of small New Kingdom temples and Graeco-Roman birth houses (10)
33The sacred bull of Memphis (4)
34The balcony above the side aisles of a church which looks down upon the nave (9)
2 Modern capital (5)
3Lord of the Dead (6)
4From Coptic art, the position of a figure with hands raised in adoration (5)
5A sign of fertility usually displayed as the phallus of a god (sometimes Osiris) or pharaoh (usually Min) (11)
6 Carter's pharoah (11)
8The alternating use of red and white or black and white stone in Arab architecture (5)
10God of Thunder (4)
13A blue or green substance used to mold small figures or amulets in ancient Egypt (7)
14Deity of Darkness, Obscurity and Night (3)
15The Embracer, Goddess of Fertility and the Nile at Aswan (5)
17A market or meeting place (5)
18A semi-circular domed recess, most frequently at the east end of a church (4)
20Kindly God of the Desert (2)
21A symbol of protection, consisting of an image of a herdsmans roll of papyrus which he used as shelter (2)
23A Mother of Osiris (3)
26The War God (6)
27Grandmother of the Gods (3)
29Queen of the Gods (4)
30 Tutankhamun's successor (2)
31A reference to the suns disc which was considered the life force and is closely related to the religious upheaval of Akhenaten (4)
32God of the Sea (4)
35The Child God (3)
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