Egypt: Rulers, Kings and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Amenhotep I

Amenhotep I


1514-1493 B.C.

18th Dynasty

The son of Ahmose and Queen Ahmose Nefretiri was the second king of the 18th Dynasty. Facing a Libyan uprising his first year as king, Amenhotep successfully overcame the Libyans on two occasions and prevented an invasion in the Delta area. Next in line for battle were the Nubians. Upon his victory, Amenhotep brought captives back to Thebes. Amenhotep was given the rare honor of being declared a titular god upon his death by the priests. His accomplishments included elaborate building complexes at the Karnak Temple in Thebes. He utilized different types of stone including alabaster from Hatnub. He repaired and restored many ancient temples along the Nile. He was the first pharaoh to build his tomb separate from the temple. Because of the looting of tombs, he had his built in an inconspicuous place in Thebes. Amenhoteps son died in infancy so his military commander Thutmose, who was married to the kings sister, assumed the throne upon Amenhoteps death.