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Egyptian Antiquities Information General Information on Historical Egypt History of Egypt
This may very well be the best historical reference on Egyptian Pharaonic history anywhere. Glossary of Egypt Terms
Over Egypt's past, many terms from many origins have come into use. In order to understand the Egyptian past, we have included a glossary of terms. Links to Other Egyptian History Related Web Sites
We have carefully compiled a list of other web sites related to Egyptian history and historical Egyptian issues. Places in Historical and Modern Egypt Monuments in Egypt
We have documented many of the ancient monuments of Egypt, including not only the pharaonic monuments but those of Islam and early Christianity. The Nile
Find out more about the Nile River, where it comes from and its importance to ancient and modern Egypt. The Construction of the Egyptian Pyramids
Ever wonder how the Egypt pyramids were built? We have put together some general information on their construction. The Valley of the Golden Mummies in Egypt
Check out one of the latest discoveries in Egypt, and a very large find at that, in Bahariya Oasis. Alexandria, Egypt's Submerged Monuments
Within the last few years, more and more relics are being discovered in Egypt's Alexandria's harbor. Take a look at some of the discoveries. Sakkara (Saqqara), Egypt - A Special Edition
Learn More about Sakkara, one of the primary Pharaonic
concentrations in Egypt. Fertility Shrines of Egypt
A look at monuments in Egypt that have a reputation for special fertility powers. The Gates of Ancient Cairo, Egypt
A few of the beautiful ancient gates in Cairo, Egypt receive considerable attention, but there are many more that deserve some attention. Rulers and People of Historical Egypt Rulers of Ancient Egypt
The kings and pharaohs of ancient Egypt were a charismatic lot, and were responsible for shaping civilization as we know it. Who's Who of Egypt
We have all heard of rulers such as Rameses the Great, but what about the other important people of Egypt? Queens of Egypt Part I and Part II
This is part one of a comprehensive three part series on Queens of Ancient Egypt. Nefertari and the Tomb of Nefertari
Information about this queen of Ramses II, her tomb and work to restore her tomb in Egypt. The Culture of Historical Egypt Life in Ancient Egypt
Inside the temples, childhood and kids, immortality and art, stockbreeding and the hunt, administrators and managers, education and learning, marriage and the standing of women, dress, adornments and body care, health and doctors, farming and glass making are all covered in this giant section. Common Homes and Palaces in Ancient Egypt
Find out about the common homes of ordinary Egyptians, as well as those of the Royalty. All About Nubia, Its People, History & Traditions
Find out more about the ancient land of Kush just south of Egypt, and the modern Nubian culture of Egypt. Sports in Ancient Egypt
What sort of sports did the ancient Egyptians play. Find the answers here. Fashion in Ancient Egypt
Find out about fashion in Ancient Egypt. What did people where through the many centuries of Pharaonic Egypt. Wine in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egyptian Alcohol
Egypt was one of the first to invent, and drink wine (among other spirits). Discover ancient Egyptian wine making. Also, find out more about Egyptian alcohol, including beer. Women in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian women were more free then their counterparts in other lands. Read about their acceptance and the natural order of their universe.

Textiles of Ancient Egypt
Handmade textile fabric dates back to thousands of years in Egypt. Click here to see some examples. Virtual Egypt Museum
We have created a virtual museum where you can take a tour of important Egyptian relics around the world. Egyptian Writing Learning Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Take a tutorial on ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs written by Caroline Seawright A Simple Hieroglphics Converter
Convert your name and other words to Egyptian Hieroglphics The Discovery of Writing
Learn about the evolution of writing in Ancient Egypt. Calligraphy in Old Egypt
Discover the beautiful art of calligraphy in old Egypt Ancient Egyptian Scribe & Ancient Words: Scribes of Egypt Revisited
Find out all about the Scribes of Ancient Egypt Religious & Mythology of Historical Egypt New Egypt Mythology Section - Old Egyptian Mythology Section
The ancient Egyptian religion was much more to the world than most people realize. Mummification in Egypt
Funerary beliefs connected with Egyptian mummification. Ancient Egyptian Concept of the Soul
Find out just how different the Ancient Egyptians beliefs surrounding the soul are from modern concepts. The Egyptian Book of the Dead
We have a complete Egyptian Book of the Dead on line. Check it out. A History of Christianity in Egypt
Learn how Egypt proved to be fertile ground for the young religion. Knowledge in Historical Egypt The Science and Chemistry of Ancient Egypt
Find out just how much the ancient Egyptians knew about science and chemistry. Medication and Doctors and More Medical info in Ancient Egypt
The ancient Egyptians used many drugs and medications to fight sickness, often perceived as a struggle between good and evil. Doctors were an early profession of this civilization. Historical Astrology In Egypt
Find out how Egypt provided the basis for modern Astrology. The Ancient Egyptian Calendar
Egypt had one of the worlds oldest, and most accurate calendars. Find out how they did it. Miscellaneous The Cat in Ancient Egypt
They were not only popular pets in ancient Egypt, but rose to the stature of gods. Here is how the Egyptians invented the house cat. Law and Administration in Ancient Egypt
Find out all about Egypt's ancient and not so ancient systems of law and administration. The Ecological Context of Ancient Egyptian Predynastic Settlements
Egypt was not always arid. Let's take a look at how this effected the settlements on the Nile Delta. The Horus Military Route in Egypt
Find out more about the Great Horus Military Route in Egypt depicted in the battle relief of King Seti I, with new discoveries. Notes from Champollion
Notes from the man who deciphered the Rosetta Stone, and bought us the meaning of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Pharaonic Egypt in Sketches
View a few of the paintings artists have been creating for hundreds of years of pharaonic Egypt. Recommended Books and Videos
Our List with links to purchase Books and Videos about Ancient Egypt