Red Sea - El-Akhawein

(The Brothers)

El-Akhawein is located off the Egyptian coast, south of Safaga and south of the Sinai Peninsula. Rivaling Ras Muhammed with its steep vertical drop-offs, El-Akhawein has fewer divers and braver and bolder fish. There are fewer divers here than at Ras Muhammed, but you can see eagle rays, mantas, barracuda and sharks, including hammerheads.

El-Akhawein is a remote area, which can be a drawback when storms come up. There is no place to hide and no emergency services on the islands, including search and rescue. The currents here can be quite wild as well, some of which can take you down and then shoot you back up in just a matter of seconds. The water is very deep also, which can also be a problem.

The typical depth range of El-Akhawein is 20 to 300 feet and is best accessed by a boat dive or local guide. Because of the problems that can be encountered in this area, it is for experienced dive masters or instructors only. However, with the number of divers that are now coming to this area, it is just a matter of time before the emergency services and other services are provided to these islands.