Egypt - The Red Sea Coast, al-Quseir


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Al-Quseir, known in Ptolemaic times as the White Harbor, has a long history as one of the major ports of the Red Sea. From here, Queen Hatshepsut launched her expedition to the Land of Punt, as depicted in the reliefs in Deir el-Bahari temple at Luxor. Legend has it that the expedition returned with two live panthers and 21 incense trees. The 16th century fortress of Sultan Selim, still standing in the center of town, shows al-Quseir's former strategic importance. Today, it is a quiet resort with sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. The town's narrow streets are lined with colorful bazaars which have a decidedly Bedouin accent. An ancient caravan trail, to Qift in the Nile Valley, leads from al-Quseir through the mountains, passing several Pharaonic and Roman sites. A new road, directly to Luxor, opens soon.


85 Km South of Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

How to get there:

From outside Egypt
Some international flights now go to Quseir, otherwise fly direct to Cairo then either take an internal flight (see below) or go overland by bus or by car.
Contact your travel agent for details.

From Cairo

You may like to book a tour through a travel agent or hire your own transport. Bear in mind that desert driving has special requirements and be sure to get a suitable vehicle and guidance on possible hazards. 0therwise you can travel to each location by bus or service taxi and arrange trips from there.

Service taxis or buses (including Superjets) from Ahmed Helmi terminal, near Ramses Station or from abdel Mounim Riyad terminal, near the Ramses Hilton Hotel.