A History of Christianity in Egypt - Table of Contents

A History of Christianity in Egypt

Table of Contents

Author's Note: When writing about the history of any religion, regardless of time and place, I have found that it is often difficult to separate history from tradition. In some cases, the two are one and the same, while in others, one account can be radically different from another. It is my purpose in these articles neither to vilify nor praise any one system of belief, but merely to present the story of a fascinating aspect of our world's history. I welcome any and all clarifications, corrections, additions, and comments that may be given by my readers to better this account. Thank you. -- DCS

This page is being updated all the time as more and more information keeps coming in from all over and I thank all of you who have volunteered information for this site. I am working daily to expand the information on Egyptian saints as well as on the Catechetical School of Alexandria (the Didascalia) and the great theologians who were Egyptian. As with all the other articles I have written, I welcome any additional material that my readers might send me.

Birth and Early Growth

The Theologians

The Saints

A Church in Upheaval - The Council of Chalcedon

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