Egypt: Cairo - Deir Dier Al-Suryan Monastery

Deir Al Suryan

Deir Al Suryan Monastery in Egypt


In the 6C due to the Giainite dispute which threw doubt on the Incarnation, the orthodox left Dier Al Anba Bishay and founded this monastery. With the demise of this dispute the monastery was abandoned and bought by some Syrian merchants for Syrian monks, hence its present name Monastery of the Syrians However, they left the monastery in the 16th century when Syria fell to the Turks.

The principal church in the monastery called the Church of Al Adra was built c980 and one of the cells is ascribed to St. Pschoi. In the northeast section of the monastery lies the Church of Sitt Maryam (Lady Mary) also called the Cave Church. The church contains the relics of St. John Kame (the Black, died 675) abbot of Deir Abu Maqar. To the north lies the Church of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste where Christodolous Abuna of Ethiopia is buried. To the west is the Church of St. Hinnis and Marutha dating to 15C. The three story qasr has the Church of St. Michael on its second story. There are a library which contains several hundred manuscripts and over three thousand printed books, a museum and also a printing press within this monastery.

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