The first site to be discussed this month is titled A Woman Called Egypt

Egyptian Web Reviews

Siri Bezdicek

The first site to be discussed this month is titled A Woman Called Egypt . The site is actually a printable play designed to aid people in learning about the early life of Cleopatra VII. It is a very novel and fun way to learn about Cleopatra.

Included in the site are also pictures that you can print and have your children color. There is also ample background and character information on the site to further aid in learning about Cleopatra and the time period in which she lived. The site itself is well done. It is organized, easy to navigate, and the combination background and print colors make it easy to read. This site offers a great new way to learn about Cleopatra. Next are pages about Cleopatra from a site called Ancient Egypt . The entire site is very good, but today I will concentrate on the Cleopatra pages. The Cleopatra pages are very well done. They are informative, yet concise and easy to read. One thing I especially like is the tour of Cleopatra's house. It is actually like a floor plan, but it is "clickable", so you can click on a room and information on that room will come up. It is a very interesting approach to learning about Cleopatra. The site is well organized and colorful.

If you are looking for some concise information on Cleopatra, a nice site is called Cleopatra, Daughter of the Pharaoh . This site offers information on her family, her reign, her relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, and her death. The site also offers a recommended reading list with links to purchase the books on-line, and a few links to other sites offering information on Cleopatra. The page is somewhat plain as it doesn't have any graphics or pictures, but has a nice background and dark, easy to read print.