Egyptian Hotel Review -Gaddis Hotel, Luxor

Volume II, Number 8 August 1st, 2001

The Gaddis Hotel
Luxor, Egypt

By Jimmy Dunn

A year ago, I might have told people (and perhaps I did) that Luxor was very expensive, as a city built around tourism. I commenced to learn more about the city and what was available on my last visit, which wasn't my first. But this time I spent the entire stay ferreting out the good deals. Certainly one of these seems to be the Gaddis Hotel.

I found the layout and decoration of this hotel both different, and inviting. Furthermore, the management was extremely friendly, and so open to the Internet that they immediately provided our readers with an internet special, consisting of 25% off their regular rates. That brings the rate for this four star hotel down almost into budget range.

Though a good distance from the Luxor Temple and downtown Bazaar, it is in a fine district where there are a number of other hotels including several five star facilities such as the Sonesta St. George. This area of Luxor is well suited to tourists, with small food markets, mall-like facilities selling various souvenirs, and cyber cafes all about. However, Luxor is not that large of a city, and the downtown area is within walking distance.

The hotel consists of 55 rooms including three suites. Bamboo style furnishings convey a relaxed, laid back atmosphere, while all the normal amenities are present. The rooms are air-conditioned, have satellite color televisions, in room video players, private baths and a minibar. The rooms are very clean, and updated with modern phones and new bathroom fixtures. All rooms either overlook the Nile River, or the swimming pool.

The Gaddis has two restaurants, as well as two bars, and the somewhat unusual layout of the hotel does really invoke a bit of an adventurous feeling. After all, one may find "English Pub" bars all over Egypt, but where else can one kick back in the "King Dude Pub". That name says a mouthful about the hotel, which is otherwise hard to express


The Gaddis Hotel

Khaled Ibn El Walid Street, Luxor, Egypt
Phone: 2095-382838
Fax: 2095-382837


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