Egypt: Tour Egypt Monthly: The Magazine of Egyptian Travel and History - September 2000

This Month in Tour Egypt Monthly:

Feature Articles

Budget and Independent Travel to Egypt - Part III by Jimmy Dunn

We work to make a trip to Egypt a lifetime experience possible for everyone by pointing out how go as inexpensive as possible. Find out all our secrets, our favorite budget establishments and much more. The first part covers travel to Egypt and your visit to Cairo. Part two cover the remainder of Egypt except for the Red Sea and Sinai, which is presented in part three.

Historical Hotels in Egypt - Part III by Jimmy Dunn

This month we explore the history of the less known Auberge Du Lac in the Fayoum, and a very different hotel, and the well known Cairo Marriott, which dates from the opening of the Suez Canal.

Doing Business in Egypt by Jimmy Dunn

We get a lot of questions from people either traveling to Egypt on business, or wishing to establish a business in Egypt. We have a surprising amount of experience in this regard, and here, we provide a few tips and suggestions on how to accomplish your business goals in Egypt.

The Ancient Egyptian Bride by Ilene Springer

For all that religion played in ancient Egyptian life, there was one place it had no role at all: the Egyptian marriage. There wasn't even a civil ceremony. Rather, marriage simply took place when two young people decided to move in together (usually the bride would move in with her husband) and start a common household. But that doesn't mean that marriage was not taken seriously. From the paintings we have found, letters that were left from grieved widowers to their deceased mates, and from statues from all periods of ancient Egyptian history, we see that marriage and a close family played an integral role in ancient Egypt.


Ancient Beauty Secrets
by Judith Illes

Judith Illes provides us with 3,000 year old beauty secrets. The ancient Egyptians were one of the first people to use facial makeup, which had more than one purpose. Judith gives us the facts.

Book Reviews
by Mary Kay Radnich

This month in our book reviews, we review two different travel guides, and one Arabic phrasebook. Included are the Rough Guide Phrasebook, the Lonely Planet Egypt Guide and the well known Knopf Guide to Egypt.

Kid's Corner
by Margo Wayman

This month Margo Wayman who also writes stories for our Color Me Egypt section, focuses on the Red Sea, with games, poems, stories and activities for children.

Cooking with Tour Egypt
by Mary Kay Radnich

Mary Kay discovers Kamut Krisp cereal, and explores the legend of Kamut grain, along with her regular recipe, this month, Fasolia Khadra Lil Salata, Fresh Green Bean Salad.

Hotel Reviews
By Juergen Stryjak

Again, we look at two very different hotels, with Juergen Stryjak's review of the grand old Cosmopolitan hotel, and Egyptian art deco classic, and Jimmy Dunn reviews the Sheraton Royal Gardens, a modern oasis on Pyramid's Road.

Egyptian Exhibitions
by deTraci Regula

The University College, London hosts the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Less known then its nearby competitor, the Egyptian collection at the British Museum, this collection reveals the finds of the legendary Egyptologist, Petrie.

Egyptian Night Life
by Juergen Stryjak

No matter if you are 16 or 36 years old, the Theme Nights of this Cairo club offer something for almost every taste. And it is an ideal place to get in contact with locals as well as with expatriates. Don't forget to bring your harmonica with you. Juergen Stryjak explains why.

Restaurant Reviews
by Juergen Stryjak

This is how the roaring Twenties in Cairo could have looked like. For almost a year, artists and workmen created the beautiful design of the restaurant La Bodega. Now it is open.

Shopping Around
by Juergen Stryjak

Juergen Stryjak takes us on a musical tour. Egyptian music may take some getting use to for many western ears, but once found, many people cannot get enough of it. Juergen explains why music makes great souvenirs, and where to buy it.

Egyptian View-Point
by Adel Murad

Egyptians love to laugh, so humor is a big part of their lives. This month Adel tells us about Egyptian humor, how it works, how its different, what Egyptians do not find humorous, and even provides us with a few examples of Egyptian jokes.

Editor's Commentary
by Jimmy Dunn

EgyptAir has taken some bad press, but this is a good airline and there are some very good reasons for flying EgyptAir, especially for Egypt bound tourists. Find out why.

Web Reviews
by Siri Bezdicek

A new department this month, Web Reviews provides an interesting look at other Egyptian sites on the Internet, by the manager of our new Egyptbot search engine.

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