Egyptian Web Site Reviews

Egyptian web reviewe

Egyptian web reviewe

by Siri Bezdicek

Who knew? I certainly didnt. I went about what I thought would be the "simple" task of searching for Egypt-related websites; I had no idea there would so many of them. Ok, I admit I did expect there to be quite a few because of Egypts rich history and dazzling monuments, but the sheer number of websites I came up with startled me. After my long and arduous quest I found several worthwhile sites, and I will review a handful of them here.

The first site I will discuss will be Egyptian Dream. Overall this site is very attractive. It is enjoyable to visit and view. This sites opening page will definitely catch your eye. Its a very interesting graphic with pyramids and monuments in fog. The subsequent pages are as colorful and interesting as the first. While the graphics are good they dont overwhelm the pages so the site is easy to navigate. The sites attributes dont end there however; Egyptian Dream has a very good range of information on such things as famous people, Egyptian wonders, and Egyptian life.

The next site is Richard Deurers Egypt Art. This site is actually his gallery on-line, where you can view or even purchase his works, but it is also a very good source of information on mythology, mummification, hieroglyphics, ancient Egyptian design, and history. The pages are informative yet written relatively simply so they, and the information contained within, are easy to understand. There are some very good photographs on the site, especially in the mummification section. Egypt Art has good graphics and a nice layout. Its also easy to get around, as there is a directory in the shape of a pyramid at the bottom. Its a cute and fitting way to navigate this site.

For all you parents out there, I have a site that you and your child can visit together. Its called All Wrapped Up in Egypt. This site offers good information accompanied by pictures. Some of the words are complicated as they have to do with pharaohs, mummies and gods, and while you help your child with those you can learn too. It has a quiz you may take about the things you can learn on the site. All Wrapped up in Egypt is easy to navigate and has colorful graphics, and the font size is large and easy on the eyes.

You may not have guessed it but my next site carries the title Egypt Stamps. Even if youre not a stamp collector this site is very interesting. Its an unconventional way to take a glimpse at history. While there isnt much detailed history on this site, through Hesham Halloudas stamp collection we get to travel through some points of Egyptian history. Its very well organized, and though it doesnt have flashy graphics, Egypt Stamps is very pleasing to the eye and a good example of a single individuals place on the web.

So you want wealth? How about a wealth of information? The Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Religion has what youre looking for. This site is still adding new information and Im already amazed at the amount it has. Now this is not to say that its overwhelming- quite the opposite. The information is presented in a concise, easy to understand manner. The site also lists sources for more information just in case you didnt have your fill. The Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Religion is extremely easy to navigate with an alphabetized directory on the left. And with dark background and a yellow-ish print color it is surprisingly easy to read.

All said and done, my long and arduous quest was actually quite fun and very informative. I hope everyone enjoys