Insight Inside, A Therapeutic Center

Insight Inside

A Therapeutic Center

by Heba Fatteen Bizzari

Insight Inside is a therapeutic center in Cairo

Editor's note: More and more, Egypt is becoming a center for "wellness". The Egyptian government terms it Therapeutic Tourism and its caught on, from the Red Sea to the Western Desert to Cairo. Many of those involved in the various wellness clinics are not Egyptian, but rather transplanted Europeans. Most operate various centers, though some therapeutic tourism takes other forms. For example, when I visited the Western desert with a group from the Netherlands, I discovered that they were there to disengage from the stressful life of their jobs back home, and every evening as they settled in after the day's camel safari, their tour guide was transformed into a relaxation therapist. In the end, few tourists probably go to Egypt for therapeutic reasons, but still, it can add another dimension to one's visit. It should be noted that these centers range from highly qualified centers with very qualified staff, to those approaching therapy in a very New Age manner.

The moment I entered the place I found a sense of peace that immediately relaxed me. In the beginning I thought that this could be a psychological effect because I am in a center that promotes balance between the body, mind and soul, but soon I realized its the friendliness of the people who work there.

Let Insight lead you Inside, is more than just a motto that Linda, the proprietor, follows. These two words, Insight Inside, mean more than that to her. She has made it her career to help many gain control over their bodies and their lives. As the founder of the Insight Inside Center, at first she worked alone, offering her skills and knowledge to her clients. Lately as there has been much more demand, she has had to expand her facilities. Now there are more than ten people all working for one cause.

Lindas first visit to Egypt was in 1997. This was when she immediately fell in love with the place and the people. I worked as a tour leader for a while where I used to visit Egypt from time to time, then I decided to rent a flat for three months to give aerobics classes. This was when I got the idea of making this center, she said.

Linda has now completed her fourth year in Egypt. In 2002, I decided that I would make a holistic center that offered several courses, workshops, and consultations, thinking that only a few here believe that they can control their energy and heal themselves without the use of medical drugs, she said.

Insight Inside is a center that promotes self awareness, spiritual development, and illuminating the path of inner peace by activities that are alternative to medicine. Insight Inside facilitates people in their private healing process by a wide range of methods, whether this is on the physical, mental or emotional level. These methods go immediately to the source of the problem. One might, for example, have a back pain that has a psychological reason behind. Therefore you cant treat it by taking drugs, she said.

A therapy session at insight inside in Cairo

Insight Inside also offers private consultation for people with physical complaints, mental problems or personal issues. We offer them different methods of dealing with these problems. I like to call them methods because therapy has a negative connotation to it. Each method depends on the personal situation of the client. The best thing about these methods is that if you are not convinced that they will cure you, at least you can be sure that they are safe and wont harm you, said Linda.

One of our best courses is Egyptian Healing, which is a method of positioning hands on the body called hands-on-healing. This allows us to locate energy centers in the body (chakras) so that universal life energy will be passed on. Universal energy works in the physical body, but also on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, added Linda.

This method can permanently cure all forms of illness, both in the body and the mind when they are done in coordination with other forms of therapies. During the treatment your self-healing body will be activated, meaning that you will gain control over your own body and you will be responsible for healing yourself, said Linda.

In addition to Egyptian Healing, the center offers courses such as color therapy, sound therapy, EMF balancing therapy, emotional freedom technique, Bach flower remedies, stress management, Shiatsu massage, Tager, foot reflexology, Tarot reading and Feng Shui.

Insight Inside also presents a wide range of different workshops relating to self-awareness, spiritual development and holistic healing. To ensure one-on-one treatment and learning, the workshops are limited to a small group of participants.

There are workshops such as anger releasing, auras, laughter, yoga, breathing and meditation, meeting your spirit guides, reading toes, spiritual Oriental dance and Mantra meditation workshops, which uses sacred words or phrases repeatedly in meditation, to bring the individual into a higher state of consciousness. Other workshops include Feldenkrais, which is awareness through movement, and Feng Shui, which is the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing the energies in our living spaces for maximum health, joy and prosperity.

We also have Intuition workshops, which I personally believe is like a muscle and therefore becomes stronger and more reliable the more its used, said Linda.

Linda explains that there is a big underground movement of such centers. "You cant imagine how many people in Egypt are beginning to supplement regular medical attention with complementary methods. 80% of my clients are Arabs, who come from all over the world. Some have even chosen to replace the drugs they take by trying to gain more control over their body and spirit using these techniques, she said.

For more information send an e-mail to or call 010-6687203 or 02-3051419.