Egypt Picture - Diadem of Princess Khnumet

Diadem of Princess Khnumet

CG 52860 Cairo Antiquities Museum

Material: Silver, Gold, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise
Size: Circumference 64 cm
Location: Dashur, Funerary Complex of Amenemhet II, Tomb of Khnumet
Excavation: J. De Morgan Excavations of 1895
Period: 12th Dynasty, Reign of Amenemhet II (1929-1892 BC)

An interesting design, this diadem is composed of eight horizontal decorative elements and the same number of vertical elements alternating to create a harmonious form. Each of the horizontal elements is centered around rosette, the carnelian nucleus of which is surrounded by fourteen turquoise petals that stand out against a background of lapis lazuli.

Diadem of Princess Khnumet

Photographer: Unknown

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