Egypt Picture - Statue of the Goddess Taweret

Statue of the Goddess Taweret

JE 30857 (CG 52001) Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Carnelian

Size: Height (pectoral): 4.9 cm

Location: Dahshur, Funerary Complex of Senusret III, Tomb of Princess Sit-Hathor

Excavation: J. DeMorgan Excavations of 1894

Period: 12th Dynasty, Reign of Senusret II (1897-1878 BC)

Princess Sit-Hathor was probably one of the daughters of Senusret II . She was buried north of his son 's Pyramid at Dahshur . Numerous objects were excavated from her tomb, as well as others in the area.

This pectoral is very similar to one found in the tomb of Princess Sithathoriunet, who was also possibly a daughter of this 12th Dynasty King . It is designed to imitate a shrine surmounted by a cavetto cornice. The two falcons facing each other wear the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt on their heads.

Statue of the Goddess Taweret

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