Egypt Picture - Necklace of Neferuptah

Necklace of Neferuptah

JE 90199 Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Gold, Carnelian, Feldspar, Glass Paste
Size: Height 10 cm; Length 36.5 cm
Location: Hawara, Pyramid of Neferuptah
Excavation: Antiquities Service Excavations of 1956
Period: 12th Dynasty, Regin of Amenemhet III (1844-1797 BC)

The tomb of Princess Neferuptah was found intact. She was a daughter of Amenemhet III. Hers was a ruined brick pyramid to the southeast of her father's.

This is a usekh necklace decorated that decorated the breast of the mummy of Neferuptah. It represents a type of ornament that was very common in ancient Egypt. In fact, wall paintings and statues frequently depict deities, pharaohs, queens and ordinary citizens wearing the necklace both during their lifetime and after death. It was thought to have an apotropaic value.

Necklace of Neferuptah

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