Egypt Picture - A Pair of Wedjat Eyes

A Pair of Wedjat Eyes

JE 90194 Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Egyptian blue, calcite (alabaster) and Bronze
Size: Height: 13 cm; Width 28 cm; Depth: 1 cm
Date: Late 12th Dynasty (c. 1800 BC)

These eyes probably came from the side of a rectangular coffin into which they were once inlaid. Eyes on the sides of coffins were common from the late 12th Dynasty. The ancient Egyptians believed that they allowed the deceased to see from beyond his casket.

Wedjat eyes were also closely connected to Horus and his contention with Seth. Seth tore out, and destroyed one of Horus' eyes. However, Thoth restored the eye, which became known as the "sound eye". This eye was then associated with the moon, as the weaker of the two eyes, while the other eye became associated with the sun.

A Pair of Wedjat Eyes

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