Egypt: Egyptian Hand Made Textile Febraics

Egyptian Hand Made Textile Fabrics

Top level handmade textile fabric date back to thousands of years in Egypt, notably to the second millennium B.C.

The Egyptian craftsman throughout the Pharaonic, Roman, Byzantine, Coptic, and Islamic eras would spend days and nights operating his loom in order to fashion a small ornate piece, a wedding-dress, or a carpet . All of which articles that testify to his genius and love of perfection.

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Wooden piece made of Tricot and Jersey Piece of ribbon embellished by silk and linen fabric A woolen-linen piece of a carpet
A piece of cloak made of a golden thread A linen decorated piece A piece of ribbon with a background of striped linen
A Sasanic woolen carpet An Egyptian woolen carpet A figure depicting the 37th session of Al-Hariri's rhythmic prose
A piece of fabric made of esparto A piece of fabric made of wool and linen A Kuffic simply decorated woolen textile piece
A woolen - linen piece of a carpet A hexagonal medallion depicting a knight riding a horse