Egypt: Hotels and Accommodations in Egypt: INMO Divers Home, Dahab, Egypt

INMO Divers Home -B HP D F R RP W E OR


INMO Divers Home -B HP D F R RP W E OR


Not Rated




P. O. Box 15, Dahab, Sinai, Egypt




(0020-69) 640370 / 640371


(0020-69) 640372


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Description and Services

The Hotel is built in a very spectacular Arabic style with domes and arches between palms and an amazing panorama-view from the roof, with relaxing corners to enjoy watching the sun sets behind the surrounding mountains.

3 categories of rooms are available for every budget. 20 hotel rooms (20 sqm) with showers and toilets - some of them have a sea-view - they are functionally, but cozy furnished for 1-4 guests. There are 5 fancy backpackers rooms ( 16 sqm) which have 2.levels, a balcony, seaview and communal bathrooms. For the smallest purse, 12 normal backpackers rooms (9 - 12 sqm), some have a high bed under the dome or sea view, with communal showers and toilets use.



  • The Restaurant is right on the beach, built in the same arch/dome design of the rest of the center. The specialty of the house the Egyptian Buffets and Egyptian Drinks like Sahlab. Open Buffet Breakfast and Dinners are offered around the swimming pool or at the beach. Highlight is the weekly Wadi Dinner in the mountains, reached by Camel or Jeep. Guests can relax in the original Bedouin tent on the beach where Bedouins serve local drinks.


  • All rooms don't have AC or TV, but have a fan for the hot summer month. The kind of building keep the rooms cool even in the hot summer.

  • Sat TV available

  • Books and magazines are also available at no extra cost

  • Billiards

  • Chess and Backgammon, card games and even monopoly

  • The Private Beach

  • The Children Corner with a playground, a swimming pool, toys and games