Egypt: Hotels and Accommodations in Egypt: Swiss Inn Dawar El Omda, El Gouna, Egypt

Swiss Inn Dawar El Omda
El Gouna, Red Sea


Swiss Inn Dawar El Omda


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El Gouna


Kafr El Gouna, El Gouna Resort, Red Sea


El Gouna, Red Sea


(2065) 3545 600 , (2065) 3545 601 , (202) 738 15 84


(2065) 3545 601


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Description and Services

The architectural style of this intimate boutique hotel is reminiscent of an Upper Egyptian "Mayor's house". Authentic to the core, its architecture is complimented by superb interior design featuring local textures and colors, mosaic floors, meticulously chosen pieces of antique furniture and hand-crafted chandeliers. Located on Down Town Kafr El Gouna, this four-star hotel, managed by Swiss Inn Hotels and Resorts, has the distinctive aspect of being built partially over a lagoon and partially over land.



  • El Omda Restaurant: An impressive during room, with enormous domes and magnificent chandeliers, serving theme buffets of international and local cuisine


  • Blue Bar: Elegant and cozy, this bar offers an assortment of cocktails and bar snacks.

  • Patio Bar: Located by the pool and serving snacks and drinks.

  • 1 outdoor swimming pool right on the edge of the lagoon

  • Access to the comprehensive facilities and multiple water sports available at the adjacent Club House managed by TGI

  • Access to Sultan Bey mini-club (200m)

  • 1 billiard room

  • Access to all facilities and restaurants of the 3 Swiss Inn Hotels

  • Access to Zeytuna beach

Last Updated: July 27th, 2011