Shopping Around in Egypt -The Khan El Khalili in Cairo, Egypt

Volume I, Number 6 December 1st, 2000

The Khan el-Khalili

ByJimmy Dunn

This month I am helping Juergen out by writing the Shopping Review. It seems almost strange that we have not covered the most well known Egyptian market so prior to this issue, but the Khan el-Khalili is exactly that. So well known is it, that most people simply refer to it as the Khan (market).

Most tour groups will probably end up at the Khan, as it is a stated destination of most agendas. Yet this is not just any market, but one of the most historic of any market in the world. Founded by the Emir Djaharks el-Khalili in 1382, this khan was responsible for developing such a stranglehold on goods moving from the Eastern world to the West, that it is directly responsible for the discovery of the American continent. The spice markets in the Khan, a monopoly controlled by the ruling Mamluks of Egypt, forced explorers such as Columbus to find alternate routes for goods coming from the East.

Even today, the Khan el-Khalili is not strictly an Egyptian market, nor is it a a market for Tourists only. Indeed, goods from all over the world seem to arrive here, and amongst its alley ways and off streets, one will find more Egyptian shoppers then tourists, buying everything from American jeans to fine gold jewelry.

Of course, we have several resources about the Khan el-Khalili on Tour Egypt, so we will opt to provide a few address for additional reading and leave you with a few pictures of items offered by at the Khan.

khan3 khan2

The Khan is well know for its selection of both inexpensive, and expensive Jewelry in gold and silver.


A surprising amount of leather, from Egypt and elsewhere.


Egypt Silver is known for its excellence.


More essential oils then one will find just about anywhere else in the world.


Water pipes are everywhere, and in every shape and size.


Find a few home decorations your neighbors are not likely to duplicate.


Egyptians are well known for their artistry, and many fine pieces may be found in the Khan.


Glass has been an art of Egypt for hundreds of years, and surprising bargains can be found.


Add that unusual instrument to your Rock and Roll Band.


Accessorize like never before.





There are no shortages of Souvenirs and T-shirts

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