Tomb of Tutankhamun - Burial Chamber

Diagram of a Nested Sarcophagus

King Tut's Mask

This superb model, the king's portrait mask, stands without parallel as a masterpiece of Egyptian--and perhaps the world--craftsmanship. It is made of two separate sheets of gold and represents the young King as Osiris, god of the Underworld, wearing the nemes (head cloth), with a pig-tail falling at the back. This is inlaid with blue glass in imitation of lapis lazuli. On the brow sit the vulture and cobra to spit fire at the Pharaoh's enemies. The back of the mask is chased with a series of texts from the Book of the Dead.

Alabaster Lamps

The first is a very ornate lamp which shows on either side the god Heh grasping the ankh sign [KT 310]. The middle receptacle shows a picture, when lit, of King Tut and his wife. The second lamp has 3 receptacles, all made into the images of a lotus flower [KT 311]. The third lamp is very elegant and shows the very fine craftsmanship of the day with many tube-like extensions [KT 312] (One must remember that they are all carved from a single piece of stone!). All the lamps were filled with oil (sesame oil) and were provided with a floating wick.

Two Anubis Fetishes

These are the two Anubis fetishes which were found in the northwest and southeast corners of the burial chamber. These were magical objects put in the tomb to protect it.

Outermost Coffin

In its original form it was constructed of thick cedar wood covered with gold foil. It is ornate, with beautiful etchings and inscriptions. It shows the King in the shape of Osiris carrying the Crook and Flail.

Vulture & Cobra Collar

This collar, cut from a single sheet of gold, was found on the King's body. It shows the vulture and cobra goddesses of Upper and Lower Egypt.

The Crook and Flail

These are part of the royal regalia. The crook and flail are worn by the god Osiris, god of the underworld, and by the divine pharaoh. The crook (hega) and flail (nekhakha) are made of cylindrical sections of dark blue glass, obsidian and gold mounted on a copper rod.

King Tut's Crown

This was the royal diadem found on the King Tut mummy. It is made of pure gold with inlays of glass and semiprecious stones and carries the vulture and the cobra to protect the young pharaoh.


This exquisite rotating hand-fan with an ivory handle was found with its feathers still intact.

Horus Pendant

This striking pendant, also found on Tutankhamun's body shows, the falcon god Horus. It is made of gold inlaid with semi-precious stones.

Large Fan

This large fan would be carried by a courtier. The gold holder for the feathers has a scene showing the king hunting.

Tutankhamun's Mummy

The mummy of the young king was wrapped in 12 layers of bandages, between which were over 140 priceless pieces of jewelry and other items.


Carter recorded 93 items or fragments of footwear. This pair of sandals, made of pure gold, was found on the mummy.

King Tut Dagger

One of two daggers found on the mummy. It is made of pure gold, and was found around the waist of the mummy. Its grip is inlaid with glass and semi-precious stones.

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