Egypt: Red Sea - Glossary of Terms: Abu Nuhas

Abu Nuhas

(Ships' Graveyard)

Abu Nuhas is located at the south entrance to the Straits of Gubal. This area is a group of small submerged islands that have been the cause of many sunken ships. This area is subject to weather extremes because it is unprotected, and this makes diving here a special treat. The northeast point has a moderate slope that extends from the surface to the bottom sands. The usual mooring site is a sunken barge that is on this slope. This wreck is not that exciting, but if you continue on a little further, you will find a large freighter. This ship is at 85 feet deep and is relatively safe from hazardous debris.

Glass sweeper fish are thick in the hold and bridge areas. The emperor angelfish that reside here are different from the ones that live on the reefs in that they do not move from their territory when divers swim by. Large moray eels can also be found in the wreck. If you happen to find one in a dark area and you find it with your light first, it will probably cause a bit of excitement.

The typical depth range of Abu Nuhas is 30 to 85 feet and is best accessed by a boat dive or local guide. The expertise required in advanced to a dive master or instructor.