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End of the Road Reef



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At the extreme end of the Nabeq coastal road north of Sharm El Sheikh


By jeep from Sharm El Sheikh

Average Depth:

20m (65ft)

Maximum Depth:

60m+ (197ft+)

Average Visibility:

30m (100ft)

Onshore winds make entry very difficult and even highly experienced divers are often injured during entry and exit. Also bear in mind that a serious injury this far form civilization could be life threatening.

The dive is on a submerged island about 10-15m (33-50ft) offshore, with its top in about 3m (10ft); a deep canyon extends down the southern side of the island to depths beyond 65m (213ft), while a narrow sandy channel with a bottom at 10m (33ft) separates the reef from shore. This channel broadens into a sandy plateau north of the reef, while the east side of the reef is a steep sloping wall to 50m (164ft) and beyond.

Coral cover is excellent throughout, with an amazing variety of species. All the corals are dense and profuse, and in a phenomenal state of preservation - this is one of the healthiest reefs in the region. Fish life is of the same order of excellence, with all the usual reef fish in abundance. The site also boasts one of the widest ranges of wrasse species in the Sinai area.

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Last Updated: May 29th, 2011