The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt - Facilities

Museum Facilities

The Egyptian Museum

The Museum offers the following facilities.

1- Bank is in southeast entrance.

2-Cafeteria is in right side to the main entrance.

3-Clinic is in the mezzanine between the upper & the ground floor on the southwest stair.

4-Post office in southeast corner.

5-Ambulance next to post office.

6-Book shop in the main entrance on your left side.

7-Gift shop next to the Bookshop.

8-Library on the southwest corner.

9-Toilet on the mezzanine of both stairs, the southeastern & the southwestern.

10-Check room on the left side at the main entrance.

11-Information Kiosk in gallery 48 ground floor

12-Lectures room, room No: 39 ground floor

13-Tourist Police office at the main entrance.

14-The Museum Friends Society, to help the Arabic speaking only.

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