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Egypt is famous for their wonderful perfume bottles


Egyptis a wonderland ofshoppingopportunities. Of course, there are the famous bazaars such as the Khan el-Khalili, but then there are also thousands of unusual stores scattered about the country, and especially in Cairo, though some products are better purchased perhaps from the locale from which they are produced, such as alabaster in Luxor. However, Cairo provides a huge variety of everything from antiques to fine clothing and especially jewelry.


In some shops, you must haggle while in others the price will be set. Which type of store provides the best possible deals depends both on the shop itself and the haggling ability of the buyer an seller. Frequently though some of the best deals at the best consistent quality is found in stores with fixed prices. For example, one might haggle over a mother-of-pearl box in the Khan el-Khalili and wind up paying a fairly low price but for an inferior products, while in a fixed price shop, one might end up paying more, but for a far superior mother-of-pearl box.


The purpose for this section is to provide TourEgypt readers with information both on how to shop inEgypt, as well as to enlighten them on how to tell what makes various products better or worse from the standpoint of quality. Of course, for those not traveling toEgypt, ourVirtual Khan el-Khalili, Tour Egypt's online shop provides many quality products found inEgypt at reasonable prices.

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