Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 04/18/2005

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2 The sacred shrine of Islam in Mecca containing the holy black stone and the focus of prayers (5)
3 Kindly God of the Desert (2)
6 One of five elements which the Egyptians considered necessary to make up a complete personality (3)
7 Tutankhamun's successor (2)
8 A Mother of Osiris (3)
9 An aspect of the sun god Ra (3)
10 First pyramid builder (6)
13 The Nine Great Osirian Gods (6)
16 American Egyptologist born in Indianapolis of German parents (7)
17 Greek historian and geographer born in Pontus (6)
18 The Perceptive Mind (3)
19 Ruler of the mid-1st dynasty; son of Merneith (3)
1 Bird regarded as an incarnation of Thoth (4)
2 A spirit that inhabits the body during life and may leave it in death, but requires the continued existence of the body for its survival (2)
3 A type of white or translucent stone (9)
4 Sufi litany or prayer service (5)
5 A nationalistic party of Egypt which was led by Saad Zaghlul (4)
11 According to religious legend (not ancient Egyptian) these are spirits created 2,000 years before Adam that can be either good or evil and can assume the form of animals, insects or humans (4)
12 Partisans who believe that Ali should have succeeded to the caliphate and some of his descendants should have inherited that right (4)
14 Goddess of the Firmament (3)
15 1st Dynasty ruler whose name means 'the fighter' (3)
16 The Sun God (2)
17 The interior courtyard of a Mosque (4)
18 Festival usually celebrated after 30 years of a kings rule (3)