Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 05/15/2006

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2Kindly God of the Desert (2)
3A religious leader in a community (4)
5 Tutankhamun's successor (2)
6A nationalistic party of Egypt which was led by Saad Zaghlul (4)
8A funerary figurine which served as a dead mans deputy in order to do labor for him in the afterlife (6)
10Centipede God (4)
11 First capital of Egypt (7)
14A long age of steady and seasonal rainfall (7)
15Another Moon God (3)
17One God of Chaos and Water (3)
19A sign in the script which is to indicate a dual or plural form (9)
22An Islamic house or mansion (3)
23The Astral God (3)
24A Turkish title of governors, high- ranking army officers or powerful civilians (3)
1The Dominant Male Baboon God (4)
4A school, usually theological, for orthodox Sunni (7)
7God of chaos and confusion (3)
8The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop (3)
9The Child God (3)
10God of air and sunlight (3)
12God of Fertility (3)
13The Border Patrol God (6)
14Along with Peteese, a Brother God (5)
15God of the Sea (4)
16God of the Spoken Word (2)
18Goddess of the Firmament (3)
20Deity of Infinity and Eternity (3)
21God of the Earth (3)