Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 05/27/2008

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Across 1. Great king's wife
6. Grandmother of the Gods
7. God of the Spoken Word
8. An early form of Arabic calligraphy in a square form usually used for decoration of monuments
11. Guardian of the Borders
14. One type of hostel for merchants
15. A canon of kings
16. Protector of Childbirth
18. A monolithic tapered shaft that symbolizes the primordial mound upon the rays of the sun shone first
20. Kindly God of the Desert
Down 1. An administrative subdivision of ancient Egypt
2. The Sun God's Butler
3. The Sun God
4. Tutankhamun's successor
5. A sign of fertility usually displayed as the phallus of a god (sometimes Osiris) or pharaoh (usually Min)
9. A horse drawn carriage
10. modern residential island
12. An Arabic word for a holy man or saint from any religion
13. Queen of the Gods
15. Northern Aqaba beach resort
17. A symbol of protection, consisting of an image of a herdsmans roll of papyrus which he used as shelter
19. From pagan religion, the spirit that inhabits the body during one's life