Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 09/05/2006

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Across 2. A tomb sanctuary
5. The Child God
7. A monolithic tapered shaft that symbolizes the primordial mound upon the rays of the sun shone first
8. A horizontal supporting projection that crowns the walls of a building
11. God of air and sunlight
13. A very simple hand operated lever used for lifting water to irrigate fields
15. A symbol worn as a talisman against evil or injury
16. Similar to a mongoose, a small rodent which attacks snakes and eats crocodile egg
18. God of chaos and confusion
19. God of the Spoken Word
20. The Perceptive Mind
21. A collection of spells originally written on papyrus and buried with a mummy (4 wds.)
24. God of the Sea
26. Protector of Childbirth
28. A Turkish title of governors, high- ranking army officers or powerful civilians
29. A main reception hall in an Egyptian house in which the central section is set off with a high roof
31. Mother of all the gods; mistress of the sky
32. God of Wisdom
Down 1. The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop
3. A semi-circular domed recess, most frequently at the east end of a church
4. An Islamic house or mansion
5. Queen of the Gods
6. Stones used to build arches which were shaped in a wedge
8. A cross derived from the ankh and adopted as a symbol by the early Coptic Christians (2 wds.)
9. Interlaced wooden screen work
10. A script originating in Mesopotamia, used in many languages
12. Conventional translation of a ranking title of the Old and Middle Kingdoms
14. Lioness-goddess 'she who is powerful'
17. Son of Bastet
22. A tomb
23. A gate
25. Grandmother of the Gods
26. From pagan religion, the spirit that inhabits the body during one's life
27. The Astral God
30.Tutankhamun's successor