Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 09/10/2007

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Across 1. The Sun God
2. the heraldic plant of Lower Egypt
4. Markets that are set up in the open air, or small shops or vendors that are along a specific street
6. God of Fertility
9. One of the four Sunni schools of law founded by Malik Ibn Anas
10. The latest form of the Egyptian language but written with mostly Greek letters
11. A tower, usually within a fortified structure
13. Famous female pharaoh; daughter of Thutmose I and Ahmose Nefertari
16. Supreme Council of Antiquities chairman
20. A long tunic tied at the waist and of Oriental design
22. Goddess of the Firmament
23. The arched chambers around a sahn or courtyard within a mosque
25. Literally, a city of the dead
27. The outer vestibule of a church
28. The Primordial Creation Gods
30. God of the Spoken Word
31. The Dominant Male Baboon God
32. Common housing such as an apartment house
34. A main reception hall in an Egyptian house in which the central section is set off with a high roof
35. A cross derived from the ankh and adopted as a symbol by the early Coptic Christians (2 wds.)
37. An aspect of the sun god Ra
39. Grandmother of the Gods
40. The world of afterlife where the ancient Egyptians believed that the dead roamed
41. A guard of a temple or of a tomb
43. A stone slab with an inscription or design which was used as a monument or grave marker
44. A sculptural relief that projects slightly from the background (2 wds.)
46. The Lower Nubian Sun God
47. A Turkish title of governors, high- ranking army officers or powerful civilians
48. place of worship
Down 1. Amun animal
2. The Strength of Woman
3. Ramesses II's father
5. A very early symbol of Egyptian kingship in the shape of a palace
6. A tomb sanctuary
7. The main area of a church, usually flanked by aisles
8. Aswan's main island
10. A concave bracket around the summits of walls or gates (2wds.)
11. Deity of Darkness, Obscurity and Night
12. A sacred enclosure
14. The Perceptive Mind
15. Gods of the viscera and the canopic jars
17. first pyramid site
18. God of Thunder
19. The sacred bull of Memphis
20. A spirit that inhabits the body during life and may leave it in death, but requires the continued existence of the body for its survival
21. A sign in the script which is to indicate a dual or plural form
24. A nationalistic party of Egypt which was led by Saad Zaghlul
25. One God of Chaos and Water
26. A screen or wall with icons which separated the Heikal (sanctuary) from the nave in Coptic churches
29. A symbol in the ancient writing of Egypt which borrows the sound of another word
31. The Soul
33. Ancient Cow Goddess
36. A precursor of Osiris
38. A blue or green substance used to mold small figures or amulets in ancient Egypt
42. Tutankhamun's successor
45. Kindly God of the Desert