Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 10/09/2006

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Across 1. Centipede God
3. The Sun God
5. A building in the form of a long colonnaded hall
8. Leonine Goddess
10. Another Moon God
12. City of Alexander's Orical
13. An aspect of the sun god Ra
14. A spirit that inhabits the body during life and may leave it in death, but requires the continued existence of the body for its survival
15. A public drinking fountain
16. God of Magic and Medicine
18. Cow Goddess of the Sky
22. Common housing such as an apartment house
23. An Arabic word for a holy man or saint from any religion
24. A screen or wall with icons which separated the Heikal (sanctuary) from the nave in Coptic churches
27. A row of columns set at regular intervals and often supporting a roof
28. Tutankhamun's successor
29. Goddess Demoness of Birth
31. God of chaos and confusion
33. A symbol in the ancient writing of Egypt which borrows the sound of another word
35. Goddess of War and Funerals
Down 1. A symbol of protection, consisting of an image of a herdsmans roll of papyrus which he used as shelter
2. Great Greek city
3. Amun animal
4. Famous female pharoah; daughter of Thutmose I and Ahmose Nefertari
5. A Turkish title of governors, high- ranking army officers or powerful civilians
6. The Astral God
7. Hathor animal
9. A canon of kings
11. A hieroglyphic sign for life similar to a cross
15. The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop
17. In Egypt specifically the word is used to refer to an ancient tempera painting
19. The nine Great Osirian Gods
20. Goddess of Thebes
21. The balcony above the side aisles of a church which looks down upon the nave
25. A symbolic tomb, honoring the dead but not containing the body
26. Goddess of the Inundation
30. Kindly God of the Desert
31. Ramesses II's father
32. God of Fertility
34. The Sun God