Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 11/05/2007

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1Deity of Infinity and Eternity (3)
6Tower (4)
8A long age of steady and seasonal rainfall (7)
10A Mother of Osiris (3)
12The Dominant Male Baboon God (4)
15The part of a cruciform style church which crosses at right angles to the nave (8)
18The Perceptive Mind (3)
19An enigmatic hieroglyph and amulet linked to Osiris' backbone and resurrection (2 wds.) (10)
23An Islamic house or mansion (3)
24Kindly God of the Desert (2)
25Tutankhamun's successor (2)
26Deity of Darkness, Obscurity and Night (6)
27From pagan religion, the spirit that inhabits the body during one's life (2)
28The beam, usually of stone, atop columns which supports a ceiling (10)
30Common housing such as an apartment house (3)
31Goddess of the Firmament (3)
32The Sun God (2)
33God of air and sunlight (3)
34 Northern Aqaba beach resort (4)
35A necklace that has several rows of beads that gather into a counterweight at the back of the neck (5)
1Title earned by a Muslim who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca (5)
2God of the Spoken Word (2)
3The Bird of Creation (4)
4The All-Father (4)
5A chamber where the ceiling is supported by columns or pillars (9)
7 The plateau (4)
9A semi-circular domed recess, most frequently at the east end of a church (4)
11A canopy which is supported by columns over a throne, altar or tomb (9)
12God of Thunder (4)
13The Child God (3)
14A school, usually theological, for orthodox Sunni (7)
16The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop (3)
17The raised platform within a Coptic church where the Bishops throne is located (7)
18festival usually celebrated after 30 years of a kings rule (3)
20The platform in a mosque where the Koran is chanted (6)
21Warrior Goddess of Canaan (7)
22A main reception hall in an Egyptian house in which the central section is set off with a high roof (3)
27A gate (3)
29The Sun God (2)
31One God of Chaos and Water (3)
32 Amun animal (3)
33god who symbolized allotted lifespan or destiny (4)