Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 11/21/2005

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Across 1. An early form of Arabic calligraphy in a square form usually used for decoration of monuments
3. From pagan religion, the spirit that inhabits the body during one's life
4. Deity of Darkness, Obscurity and Night
5. hathor animal
6. aswan's main island
8. An room prior to the naos, or sanctuary
11. The title of an individual who would report to the king and thus spread his commands, such as in a battle
14. The Child God
16. tutankhamun's successor
17. A statue or sculpture which depicts the human form in an asymmetrical pose
19. carter's pharoah
24. The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop
26. Interlaced wooden screen work
27. One God of Chaos and Water
28. A canopy which is supported by columns over a throne, altar or tomb
29. God of air and sunlight
31. The sacred shrine of Islam in Mecca containing the holy black stone and the focus of prayers
32. amun animal
33. ancient religious city in north, counter to nekhen
34. The Astral God
Down 1. The Great Potter
2. In Egypt specifically the word is used to refer to an ancient tempera painting
3. The Bird of Creation
4. A tower, usually within a fortified structure
5. A script originating in Mesopotamia, used in many languages
7. Goddess of Music and Dance
9. A symbol of protection, consisting of an image of a herdsmans roll of papyrus which he used as shelter
10. last egyptian queen
12. A relief created by hammering the reverse side of a thin metal plate
13. God of Wisdom
15. Another Moon God
17. A horse drawn carriage
18. northern aqaba beach resort
20. Helper of Anubis
21. The inner or secret shrine of ancient places of worship
22. A symbol of kingship in Egypt represented by a cobra in an upright position worn as a head ornament or crown
23. The ancient Egyptians phoenix, which was probably a heron
25. The Nine Great Osirian Gods
26. The stepped pulpit where Friday prayer is spoken in a mosque
30. Deity of Infinity and Eternity
31. A spirit that inhabits the body during life and may leave it in death, but requires the continued existence of the body for its survival