Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 12/05/2005

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2 Associated with the Goddess Hathor, a sacred rattle device used in her rituals (7)
5 Protector of Childbirth (3)
7 A palace, fortress or mansion (4)
9 A row of small blocks which often decorated a cornice (6)
11 By far the most prominent form of Christian worship in Egypt (5)
12 Goddess of Ecstasy and Sexual Pleasure (6)
13 The Nine Great Osirian Gods (6)
15 Canine god of the dead, closely associated with embalming and mummification (6)
18 A Mother of Osiris (3)
19 A spirit that inhabits the body during life and may leave it in death, but requires the continued existence of the body for its survival (2)
20 The part of a cruciform style church which crosses at right angles to the nave (8)
23 the plateau (4)
24 Deity of Infinity and Eternity (3)
26 A gate (3)
27 The Perceptive Mind (3)
28 The wall in a mosque which faces Mecca (5)
1 Mother of all the gods; mistress of the sky (4)
3 The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop (3)
4 The Sun God (2)
5 The ancient Egyptians phoenix, which was probably a heron (5)
6 Small devices, often arches placed in the corners of a square building to support a dome (9)
8 A symbol of protection, consisting of an image of a herdsmans roll of papyrus which he used as shelter (2)
10 Along with Pihor, a Brother God (7)
12 A main reception hall in an Egyptian house in which the central section is set off with a high roof (3)
14 The platform in a mosque where the Koran is chanted (6)
16 One God of Chaos and Water (6)
17 The Soul (5)
21 The Sun God (2)
22 Northern Aqaba beach resort (4)
23 God of the Earth (3)
25 God of the Spoken Word (2)
27 Markets that are set up in the open air, or small shops or vendors that are along a specific street (4)
29 From pagan religion, the spirit that inhabits the body during one's life (2)
30 Tutankhamun's successor (2)