Ancient Egyptian Crossword Puzzle 12/27/2004

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Across 1. Goddess of the Firmament
3. one of five elements which the Egyptians considered necessary to make up a complete personality
5. temple of amun location
8. 5th dynasty founder
12. an excavation in which a corpse is buried
13. general and 18th dynasty pharaoh
15. God of Thunder
16. A sign in the script which is to indicate a dual or plural form
18. Deity of Darkness, Obscurity and Night
21. The Perceptive Mind
22. The shape of a cross
24. Ancient Cow Goddess
26. fourth pharaoh of the 19th dynasty
29. A temple of the Greco-Roman period god Serapis
31. Deity of Infinity and Eternity
32. A relief created by hammering the reverse side of a thin metal plate
33. water clock
35. final ruler of the 5th dynasty
37. site of the temple of Horus
39. The top, or capstone of a pyramid
40. estate inspector in the reign of Thutmose IV
41. the longest river in the world
42. A reference to the suns disc which was considered the life force and is closely related to the religious upheaval of Akhenaten
43. A long robe worn by Egyptian men
47. A king of Persia
48. God of air and sunlight
49. God of the Spoken Word
50. ancient new kingdom capital
51. Used for desiccating mummies, a carbonate salt usually from Wadi Natrun
Down 2. name of four 18th dynasty rulers; hatshepsut's father
3. used to hold offerings intended to make peace with deities or the deceased
4. A public or private bath
5. A spirit that inhabits the body during life and may leave it in death, but requires the continued existence of the body for its survival
6. The arched chambers around a sahn or courtyard within a mosque
7. type of small openwork temple with supporting pillars
9. The Sun God
10. A hieroglyphic sign for life similar to a cross
11. king of the 4th dynasty; builder of the 3rd pyramid at Giza
14. A collection of spells originally written on papyrus and buried with a mummy (4 wds.)
15. Protector of Childbirth
17. Kindly God of the Desert
19. The main area of a church, usually flanked by aisles
20. Literally, a city of the dead
21. The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop
22. The latest form of the Egyptian language but written with mostly Greek letters
23. Interlaced wooden screen work
25. A framework of rigid design used as a means of supporting usually either a roof or a bridge
26. 'Prince of the city'; 'fourth prophet of Amun'
27. The Sun God
28. riverine mammal
30. the richness of his funerary items is second only to Tutankhamun
34. A roofed, open arcade along the side or front of a structure, often seen on the north side of ancient Egyptian houses
36. chief steward in the reign of Hatshepsut
38. Plural for an Egyptian peasant
44. The Great Destroyer
45. Another Moon God
46. city of alexander's orical
48. A symbol of protection, consisting of an image of a herdsmans roll of papyrus which he used as shelter