Egypt: Rulers, Kings and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Senwosret II

Senwosret II


1842-1836 B.C.

12th Dynasty

Senwosret II was the fourth king of the 12th Dynasty. He ruled the country from 1842 till 1836 BC. The king ruled the country before he claimed his throne during the period when his father, Amenemhet II, was ill before he died. Senwosret II conducted many agricultural projects in Faiyum that transferred thousands of marshlands into fields. His goal was to establish a strong economic base for Ancient Egypt. The king conducted many military campaigns in Nubia and extended his kingdom's border further south. Also, Senwosret II protected the minerals in Nubia and Sinai and continued extracting natural resources from them. He built a pyramid near Faiyum which was destroyed by Ramesses II.