City of Zagazig in Egypt


Zagazig is the capital of the Sharqiyyah Province and is located 50 miles northeast of Cairo. It was founded in the 1820's as a camp to house workers on the barrages of the eastern branch of the Nile.

It was the birthplace of Colonel Ahmed Orabi who led the revolt against the British in 1882. It is located on the Muweis Canal and is the chief center of the corn and cotton trade. There is a small museum called the Orabi Museum that contains some interesting archaeological exhibits.

There are the ruins of Bubastis located 3 km southeast of town. Bubastis was the ancient capital of the 12th nome and is home to the feast celebrating the cat-goddess Bastet. Bubastis is the Greek name of the Egyptian Per-Bastet. Bubastis became the capital of Egypt in the 22nd and 23rd Dynasties. There are remains of the temples built by Osorkon II and Nectanebo II. Catacombs where the sacred cats were buried are located behind an Old Kingdom chapel remains that are from the period of Pepi I.

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Last Updated: June 27th, 2011