Egypt: Alexandria Hotels

Alexandria Hotels

5 stars


Alexandria, the ancient city by the sea, is full of life and wonder. While visiting all the incredible sites of this historically significant city, why not stay at a luxury 5* hotel and enjoy 5* accommodations, superb culinary outlets, and spot-on service, making your stay absolutely memorable. Here is a list of 5* Alexandria hotels:

Marriott Renaissance Alexandria Hotel

Helnan Palestine Hotel

Alexandria Renaisance Hotel

Other 5 Stars Hotels...

4 stars


While you would like to be pampered during your trip to Alexandria, a 5* hotel might be just a bit over your budget. Luckily, 4* hotels are in abundance here, and still being a luxury category means that excellent service is guaranteed, and the food is delicious. Check out the list of 4* hotels in Alexandria:

Paradise Inn Windsor Palace Hotel

Crillon Hotel

Alexandria Hotel

Other 4 Stars Hotels...

3 stars


You can travel the great city of Alexandria and enjoy it, even if you are on a budget! Still offering good, clean accommodation, superb service, and several culinary options, 3* hotels offer the best of both worlds. Here are a few:

Delta Hotel

Amoun Hotel

Mecca Hotel

Other 3 Stars Hotels...

Alexandria Hostels

Last Updated: June 1st, 2011